but i just wanted to make music

Running a studio as a one-man-show can be really great. You build your very own creative environment and get to know every cable and every plug around. And if everything works as expected a proud smile comes up from time to time.
But if something stops working properly, there is no technican around to keep you away from trouble-shooting. Its just you and this problem full of evilness. And yes, this always happens when you finally have some quality time for music and the breakthrough hit just want’s to be done.

It started out when i decided to give my studio-pc harddisk another partition. Since my mobile system has two partitions, it would be easier to manage projects. (Sidenote: My VSTs are stored on the second partition so when i start a project on mobile using DDMF meta and move it to the studio, meta doesn’t find the VSTs anymore because of missing paths)
I usually do my admin stuff within Linux, so i thought gparted was the way to do but for some reason gparted wasn’t able to handle the NTFS filesystem properly though i had all needed packages installed. After some back and forth i switched to my mobile windows system and was able to change the partition size as well as create a new partition. I copied all my needed plugins and other data to match the paths of both systems and put the harddisk back into the studio-pc. Boot was normal and everything worked. Happy me.

I started testing the new environment when the control software of my focusrite audio interface hung up. This happening occasionly i closed all programs and did a reboot. Since then chaos arose. I can’t get into the OS anymore and am stuck in the debug mode. Nothing i came up with worked so far. Even my IT educated friend who already helped me in some serious issues just had some hints, that COULD help solve the problem. Now i’m sitting here and prepare my toolset and do research.

Yes, all this has nothing to do with making music. Yes, this is totally anoying. Yes, i hate this kind of studio maintenace very much.
Let’s hope i can get things to work properly really soon. I do have a backup-system that would get work done if there was a client waiting but the main system has to be fixed.

Running a studio as a on-man-show can be really hard.

Cheers eighty