springtime in baghdad

The new baby. The survivors of d-vote mixed with some fresh blood and prepare for world dominance again. Less dance – more metal! Less machine – more sweat!



Originally just for some private songwriting the d-night-studio grew to a remarkable recording studio. Some regional bands could already benefit from its service to achieve a great sound.


former projects


It was time to share some secrets of my guitar playing. With a very unique and personal concept and as few boring theory and fingerpractise and as much fun and play as possible it’s an innovative and diversified class.

The times as a fulltime musician are over for now. A „real“ job took over. But when i move into the forest sometime i teach the bears how to metal!

I deleted the webpage for guitar-studies.


The band, source and center of my musical activity. Our live-performance is high-performance sport, our music the fusion of man and machine, dance-beats and merciless metal.

three out of four bandmembers have children now. Nuff said!