Since my earliest childhood music is a big part of my life. Like many parents do my parents tried to raise my interest for different instruments and music in general. English flute and xylophon turned not out right, keyboard was a better choice und finally i found MY instrument with the guitar. From then on business as usual: bands, broken fingers, strings, cables, picks, muddy rehearsalrooms, songbook and webresearch became my daily life.

Since then i not only have an awesome band in Springtime in Baghdad but with the d-night-studio an awesome recording studio as well where i can create awesome music.

Great work with great people, what else you want?!

„Spiller, what’s that eighty crap supposed to be?“

To improve our bandimage we got ourselves some funny aliases because german names are difficult to use internationally. Why i became eighty will be a question in a quiz for our fans someday. (That’s how predictive we work … and how nuts we are!)

To finish the story: Somehow the name took a life of its own, since you need an account with profile picture and username for everything. And being the consequent guy i am i changed my whole web-existace to eighty.

So get used to it!