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Musiker, Studiobetreiber, Tontechniker, Gitarrenlehrer … Musik ist mein Leben. Diese Seite gibt einen kleinen Einblick in meine Welt, meine Musik und den ein oder anderen Blödsinn, mit dem ich mich beschäftige.

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The official website of eighty

Musician, studio owner, audio engineer, guitar teacher … music is my life. This site gives a little insight into my world, my music and the one or other nonsense i do.

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  • audiomixing in linux – setting up stuff
    gepostet am 20. Mai 2017 von eighty (noch keine Kommentare)

    So, there are some updates on my away-from-apple project.

    I successfully managed to get all my plugins to Windows, since my purchases included not only AU files but also Windows VST versions. Lucky me! Unluckily, i ran into some problems with Ardour crashing in Windows. Nothing i came up with helped. Finally i called for help in the Ardour Community and within minutes i got a response that solved my problem. Thanks again, guys!
    Unfortunately the 64bit version of Ardour doesn’t load 32bit VSTs. So i was pointed to jbridge. But i didn’t manage to port my 32s to 64s successfully by now. So here is some work to be done for me. (Update: Don’t know exactly what i did wrong the first time but my 32bit VSTs have now been successfully jbridged. (mehr …)