Comparison Part 1 – JCM 800 Styles

Over the time i established a guitar amp and cabinet collection that covers a wide variety of sounds. So to explore these options i am in the process of creating several comparison videos of amps and styles. The first bunch of videos covered my flavours of a kind of JCM800 rock sound.
(mehr …) more healthy fruits (bye bye apple)

I really used to like Apple. Ten years ago they did so many things right. CoreAudio was one such thing. Never was it easier to use audio interfaces, OSX was once designed especially to the needs of professional musicians. There was Garageband, there was Logic Pro (the mighty 7.2 version) and there were many other things i really liked so in 2008 i switched from Windows XP to Apple.
It took a while but then i embraced the Mac OS and got my first experiences with a UNIX system. I liked that every thing Apple did at that time just made sense and was functional. Macbooks just looked nice and when i first saw the inside of a Mac Pro the clean design blew me away.

But times they are changing. (mehr …)

So i have this very hilarious guitar rack with some rack effects as well as some pedals with a RJM effect gizmo looper and i’m very proud of it. But soon i realized that somehow my MXR Custom Comp didn’t react like i suspected. Somehow with the comp on the signal turned much more low volume than without it. Today i went on it the scientific way and measured the signal. (mehr …) back the sunlight sound!

Ich bin kürzlich über diesen Aufruf gestolpert und da ich sonst gerade keine bahnbrechenden Neuigkeiten zu verbreiten habe, fördere ich mal die Petition. Muss man noch etwas über das Boss HM-2 sagen? Wer das Pedal kennt, kennt auch den Mythos! Sollte es das Teil wirklich irgendwann mal wieder zu bezahlbaren Preisen geben, ist das sowas von meins!

In diesem Sinne