So i have this very hilarious guitar rack with some rack effects as well as some pedals with a RJM effect gizmo looper and i’m very proud of it. But soon i realized that somehow my MXR Custom Comp didn’t react like i suspected. Somehow with the comp on the signal turned much more low volume than without it. Today i went on it the scientific way and measured the signal.


Results were as feard. With the Custom Comp in the signal chain through the effect gizmo there was a volume loss of about 8db compared with just the pedal and no gizmo. I tried different settings: changed loops, changed cables, checked cables, with buffer, without buffer, – nothing brought a solution. Cross check with another pedal worked well.

For now, I wrote Dunlop a mail and hope for an idea. I know nothing about impedance and stuff but I assume that the problem is located around this topic. Stupid me really thought with setting everything in a loop, things will get easier. But don’t get me wrong, every product I named is awesome. But make them working together for me seems to be a little work.

By the way: The RoomEQWizard is an awesome tool for measuring.